Artist, designer and recycler
As you will see, the work I do is varied - not all one medium. This helps me produce fresh and novel ideas. However, my first steps as an artist were paintings of still life’s and flowers which taught me how to paint in oil, something I had never done at art school. Once I understood the process of oil painting I then decided to be more experimental in my approach to image making. This has meant I have expanded my portfolio into 3 dimensional design using all sorts of materials from cardboard and papier-mâché to polyfilla and powder paint.
If you would like buy any work available on the site, please get in touch via my contact details. New works will be added on a regular basis. If you would like to know more about the pieces I will be more than happy to discuss how they have been produced and the ideas behind individual works, some of which might surprise you.
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Recycling projects, paintings and mixed media pictures

Table lamp 1

Height 42cm, width 32cm (including shade)


The table lamp was originally a black table lamp. The surface had been scratched and the inside was discoloured. It has now been flocked in leaf green and the shade material is a thick brushed cotton.

Base £125 

Shade £75 

Table lamp 3

Height 36cm, width 32cm (including shade)


This was a table lamp when picked up in a charity shop. The glass base had seen better days so again it was flocked this time in burnt orange which sets off the silk shade. Still a bit of a retro feel about it. 

Base £145

Shade £38

Table lamp 2

Height 46cm, width 24cm (including shade)


Again this table lamp was originally a glass vase. The surface was unsightly, and destined for the skip. It has now been flocked in deep red and the shade material is recycled cardboard made from delivery boxes (in lockdown).

Lamp set £155

Table lamp 3

Height 48cm, width 25cm (including shade)


The base is made from Amazon boxes and till receipts.The shade textured cotton shade is from the internet.

Base £130

Shade £30

Ram's head

54cm diameter (protrudes 27cm from wall)

Art Direction & Photography

RAM'S HEAD. Feathers, papier mache on bo

The ram's head is my take on the trophy hunters around the world. No lions, tigers or buffalo heads just a ram's head made from recycled cardboard, supermarket til receipts and fake feathers. It's all mounted on a piece of salvaged board encased in an acrylic dome. Wall mounted.



50cm diameter (protrudes 26cm from wall)

Ram's head 2.png

I've always been interested in the animal kingdom particularly birds. I decided to produce a quirky piece with some amusement thrown in, just for the fun of it. All made from recycled material except the acrylic dome. Wall mounted


Hummingbird 1

My version of a hummingbird. It's encased in a 100mm acrylic dome. Made from artificial feather, salvaged polystyrene and mounted on MDF. Sorry about the photo but it's difficult to loose the reflection highlights.


Chrome pedestal side table

45cm height 42cm wide

Round glass top table with chrome pedest

A friend of mine came across some chrome bases in skip and thought I could do something with them. So here it is. This particular base was fine to polish up. I made the top from recycled cardboard and a salvaged glass top.


Pedestal side table

46cm height 42cm wide

The base is another of the pieces found in a skip. This particular base wasn't good enough to polish back to it's original chrome finish so it's been powder coated in retro orange. As with my other table tops it's made from recycled cardboard painted to look like slate and a salvaged glass top.


Pedestal side table

46cm height 42cm wide

Side table with powder coated base.jpg

A base that was plucked out of a front garden (with permission) and then powder coated in cream gloss. Made the top from recycled cardboard and a salvaged glass top.


Pedrali chair
DSC_0229 1chair.jpg

70cm height 65cm wide

Can't claim this as one of my designs. It's a bit of a classic from Italy. I found this at my local recycling centre and it seemed a real opportunity to give this lovely chair a new lease of life. The moulded plastic was scratched but the chrome frame supports were fine. The seat has been flocked in charcoal grey on both front and reverse. 


Ceremonial elephant

35cm tall

The elephant was inspired by a trip to India many years back. Although not an exact representation it has been influenced by the sub-continent's culture, colours, smells and chaotic street life. Seeing these fantastic beasts moving around the streets was a real thrill.

It's made from amazon boxes, scrap pieces of string, orange felt, small metal embellishments and acrylic paint.


Amazon lamp base with army helmet shade

27cm wide 54cm high (including shade)


The US army helmet shade has been flocked and some holes have been drilled to allow light to pierce through. The base out of amazon boxes made to look like grey slate.


Lamp base 4

22cm wide 30cm high

Shade 20cm high  25cmm wide


This lamp base has an oriental feel the base being topped off with gold lacquer. Made from 95% recycled materials including cardboard and wood. The soft velvet shade has a copper inner to give a warm light.

Lamp base £135. Shade £36 

Stem lamp

25cm wide

32cm high

(excluding shade)


A different shape from some of the other lamps and some have said stylish. As It's made from amazon and John Lewis delivery boxes, mashed up til receipts and junk mail. The shade is appropriately from John Lewis brushed cotton and is 25cm in diameter and 20cm high.


Lamp base 3

20cm wide 34cm high (excluding shade)


I wanted to make a a lamp base where the colours reminded me of Tuscany and specifically vases I came across in Florence. It's based on an organic form and is quite textural to the touch

It's made from amazon and John Lewis delivery boxes, mashed up til receipts and junk mail. The shade is brushed cotton and is 35cm in diameter

£135 lamp base

£35 shade

Lamp base 5

18cm wide 30cm high 

Shade 25cm diameter 15cm deep


lamp base which for some reason I think has a reptilian quality about it. I'm really pleased with the colour combination. As with all these pieces it has been constructed out of materials that would have otherwise gone into landfill.

Lamp base £135   Shade £25 (recycled cardboard)

Lamp base 6

18cm wide 30cm high (excluding shade)


The base of this lamp is a demijohn, basically an old brewing jar. Although the thick glass jar looked pretty dirty it has come up a real treat with a flocked camel coloured finish. The top has been cut off and replaced with a central stem made of recycled material.

£115 lamp base

£35 shade (35cm diameter in brushed cotton)


Oil Paintings

These works have been painted on salvaged melamine kitchen doors, some still have the holes on the reverse for hinges. The paint used is oil and adheres to the surface really well so the is no need to worry about the image flaking off. The size of the paintings are illustrated for each work as are the prices.

Vans on Mitcham Common
£350  60cm x 60cm (framed) 
Vans in Mitcham Common.jpg
Gibbons by a watering hole
£395  60cm x 60cm (framed) 
Gibbons by a watering hole 3.jpg
Horse by a watering hole
£290   60cm x 60cm (framed) 
Study of undergrowth with horse .jpg
Herd of horses
£195  30cm x 30cm (framed) 
Apes in jungle
Triptych £150 each  30cm x 30cm (framed) 
Triptych 1.JPG
Triptych 2.JPG
Triptych 3.JPG
£425   60cm x 60cm (framed)
DSC_0254 copy.jpg
Ape looking at a Banksy
£250  30cm x 30cm (framed) 
DSC_0007 14.43.09.JPG

Mixed media pictures

About the pictures

Besides polyfilla there are a number of other materials used in the production of these works. All have a mixed media content including powder paint, ash, dust, acrylic paint, watercolour, pencil and crayon. With some basic DIY skills such as sanding and brushing, the final image is eventually produced.  

Arctic landscape
£295   60cm x 60cm (unframed) 
Arctic scene 1.jpg
Cliff Edge
£295   60cm x 60cm (framed) 
WHITE CLIFFS 24x24 inches.  Polyfilla on board. £250.jpeg
£450  45cm x 180cm (unframed) 
Encampment With Tents 24x33 inches.  Polyfilla on board_edited.jpg
Encampment by the A3
£295  45cmx60cm (framed) 

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