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John Simpson Art

Based in Warwickshire, I established John Simpson Art as a way of providing artwork that is mainly produced from recycled materials. Feel free to get in touch via my email address or my social media feeds.

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At John Simpson Art, I provide a wide range of professional artwork that is made from a variety of materials, such as cardboard and papier-mâché. Art can be found in many places and with my extensive background in graphic design, I have the expertise to design high-quality artwork that will amaze you and your friends. For every piece of art that I design, I invest lots of thought and effort, to ensure that the final product is of a high quality and I think quite unique. Having been in the creative sector for over 3 decades I’ve consistently been refining my skills, which has allowed me to create spectacular pieces of art from unexpected materials.

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For many years, I’ve been pushing the boundaries of my creativity to create original pieces of art that have impressed many of my clients. I’m passionate about helping clients brighten up their properties with artwork that is both original and creative. From wall art to home accessories, I can create a wide variety of art that will certainly compliment your home. If your property is looking a bit bland and you’re in need of creative artwork that will brighten up your home, then browse through my products today to discover fantastic pieces of art. I'm not only devoted to all things creative, but I’m passionate about producing professional designs that are made from recycled materials. Time and time again, I’ve exceeded the expectations of my clients as I take great care in providing exceptional service from beginning to end.

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