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Paintings, wall art and home accessories in Warwickshire

At John Simpson Art, I’m able to provide wall art and home accessories to Warwickshire and surrounding areas. For more details, get in touch today.

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At John Simpson Art, I provide artwork in various mediums and, most importantly, I use recyclable materials to help produce fresh and novel ideas. After developing my skills in oil paintings, I decided to push my creativity even further, by becoming more experimental in my approach to art. This meant I was able to create remarkable pieces of work from materials such as dust, ash, cardboard and much more. Using non-artistic materials, I always strive to create work that will immediately grab your attention. Many have been curious and amazed at the artwork that I can produce from unexpected items.

For more details about my artwork, give me a call on 07742 275149 or email me today at joess.design@gmail.com.